What is Kreativhaus?

X10LAND AND KREATIVHAUS  provide an open space for artists to create musical compositions and connect with business professoinals and creatives from different mediums. We help artists grown in the Canadian music industry.  

X10land x KreativeHaus is a twelve-song hip-hop and R&B album in the final stages of mixing and mastering. This will be X10land’s debut LP filled with bangers for upbeat and clean songs for radio and deep cuts touching on social problems. 

The project will contain no samples and will be performed by a collective of up-and-coming buzzing artists, producers and engineers. The album will be produced by five different producers and mixed and mastered by Willis Enright(Metal Works). With a history of working with artists like Patrik Kabongo, UZA and Mackenta.
X10 plans to continue growing their profile through collaborations and hosting more song-making camps.